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featured changemaker: MARK MURPHY

“When young people have opportunities to pursue their own interests and take an active role in the course of their own learning – that is, practice learner agency – they engage in a self-reinforcing cycle of deeper learning and positive development that will allow them to achieve their full potential.” – GripTape CEO Mark Murphy

Founded on an unwavering conviction that youth can and should drive their own learning, GripTape works to create the conditions necessary for young people to design, implement, and assess learning experiences outside of school, and in so doing, accelerate achievement and deepen engagement across a wide range of settings. 

What If?

What If?

What if youth-driven learning was viewed as a powerful force that played a greater role in successful outcomes for young people than that of formal learning environments?

Research across multiple disciplines demonstrates the positive effects of giving youth opportunities to drive their learning and growth. GripTape believes that by encouraging young people to actively design and implement their own empowering experiences free from adult oversight and direction, students will cultivate leadership, persistence, self-confidence, self-motivation, knowledge acquisition, and a sense of purpose that will elevate their life outcomes more quickly than learning passively in a classroom.

Why Not?

Why Not?

Why not put young people in the driver’s seat with the resources, respect, and authority to create learning that is guided by their passion and self-determination?

Currently, traditional learning puts young people squarely in the backseat - along for the disempowering ride, told what to learn, how to learn it, and when and where to learn. This can be a lost opportunity for young people to more meaningfully strengthen their skill in forethought, goal-setting, self-regulation, and self-reflection - critical components for lifelong learning. GripTape seeks to change this dynamic. GripTape’s youth leaders are transforming the future of learning for all students by showing what is possible every day when young people have the opportunities and resources to light up their hearts and minds and accelerate themselves forward like never before.

For ALL.

For ALL.

By fostering learner agency within each individual, all young people can be empowered to own their future like never before and deepen their achievement and engagement within and outside of the classroom.


Grip tape is an anti-slip adhesive used by skateboarders to anchor themselves to their board so they can take control of where they want to go and how they want to get there. GripTape, the organization, gives young people the traction they need to seize control of their own learning, choose their purposes, and achieve their full potential.

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