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"If we are going to solve for poverty we can't just build great schools, we must build great communities," Derwin Sisnett, Founder & Managing Partner, Maslow Development, Inc.

As a non-profit real estate development company that co-designs and develops communities, Maslow Development, Inc. seeks to stop the cycle of poverty by revitalizing under-invested communities and creating planned communities anchored by high quality schools.

What If?

What If?

Instead of building a school within a community, what if we built a community around a school?

If you build them, they will come. Maslow's theory is that it is not enough to invest in just brick and mortar. In order to see lasting, systemic change, we first need to see the interplay of education, health & wellness, housing, and workforce in communities as a holistic ecosystem.


Why not?

Why not?

Community schools have been around for some time, but the true intention behind community schools has been lost over the years. Today many simply exist in communities; they are not woven into the fabric of communities.

Aligning existing and new resources to improve student outcomes, removing physical barriers, and erecting neighborhood assets will dramatically transform communities that have persisted under chronic stressors that produce adverse childhood experiences.

For ALL.

For ALL.

Maslow's holistic community revitalization approach will serve a diverse community of individuals, across socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, culture, and age. Ultimately, with an extensive network of partners across the country, Maslow will build its capacity to grow its pipeline of communities and projects.


Maslow is reimagining how, when, and where learning can happen by designing a community ecosystem of health & wellness, education, housing, and workforce development.


Empowerment: cultivate community sustainability

Accountability: honor community voice

Integrity: driven by an uncompromising moral compass

Optimism: motivated by unapologetic idealism

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